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MD PhD Personal Statement

The MD PhD degree is a dual doctoral degree aimed at those that wish to study both medicine and research to become a physician-scientist or research physician. This qualifies them to undertake medical research as well as to care for patients also. This is a highly challenging area and one in which it is very difficult to gain a place.

Most graduates of this course will go on to work within research roles to help advance knowledge within the various fields of medicine or to become faculty members themselves at various universities, medical schools or research institutes.

Like any other doctoral program the personal statement can often be the deciding factor with regards to you being selected for the limited places available. You can be pretty sure that every other applicant is going to have qualifications as impressive as your own, so your only opportunity to impress is through your well written MD PhD personal statement.

Writing a Good MD PhD Personal Statement

Like any other medical school personal statement your MD PhD personal statement has to be able to hook in the reader and get them interested. Your opening few lines are the most important part of your personal statement as they have to generate interest from the selection committee. So you must make sure that they are completely free of clichés and are very specific, the last thing you want to present them with is something that they have already seen 10 times that day already.

You also want to talk in normal language, don’t write as though you have just swallowed a thesaurus. They are looking to understand you as a person and as a future part of their program, not to have to keep picking up the dictionary to decipher what you have said.

Also ensure that you thoroughly proofread your work, the last thing that you want to convey with your MD PhD personal statement is that you are not through enough to eliminate any errors.

How We Can Help Write Your MD PhD Personal Statement

From PhD to MD programs as well as other graduate programs we offer a professional top quality personal statement writing service that carries a personal satisfaction guarantee.

For your MD PhD personal statement your writer will be one that is qualified in a medical field as well as being highly experienced in writing personal statements.

They will write you a personal statement that will be very concise and will reflect the needs and aims of the program to which you are applying. Our writers know how to write in an error free and highly engaging style that will draw in and impress the selection committee; maximizing your chances of selection. So for the very best possible help writing your MD PhD personal statement get in touch today.

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